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BIC razors have been some of the most practical shavers on the market for over 35 years. BIC has founded and mastered the market of the disposable shaver. They are usually affordable but with BIC Coupons, you can save even more when you shave. These Printable Coupons will allow you to more easily afford other things like car and house payments without stressing over the little things in life.

Printable BIC Coupons for Razors

The BIC brand was founded in a small town outside of Paris, France in the year 1945. Marcel Bich and his partner Edouard Buffard began manufacturing ballpoint pens and realized the huge potential this pen could have on the world. BIC has been in the United States since the year 1958. Not too many years later, BIC was the pen of choice in many different countries including Brazil, India and China. BIC has also been dedicated to bringing the highest quality lighters and razors available offering savings from Razor Coupons.

BIC revolutionized shaving in the year 1975 with the first one-piece shaver to hit the market. The single-blade shaver made almost everyone want to change the way the shave day in and day out. BIC then manufactured razors for both men and women that are still practical, affordable, dispensable and comfortable today!

BIC Razors come three different categories:
  • The Value Range
  • The Premium Range
  • The System.
The Value Range includes many razors that are dedicated to bringing a great price to the table, so keep saving with Grocery Coupons Printable. They offer a line of razors called the sensitive. The sensitive razors come in one, two, or three blades depending on your personal preference. The Value Range also offers two razors called the Comfort and the Grip. These razors have a lubricating strip attached to the head of the razor that is coated with aloe vera for less irritation.

The Premium Range includes the Flex series that all have pivoting heads so that the blades can stay closer to the skin. This line also has what is called the BIC Easy. The Easy comes with one handle and 6 heads so you can interchange them when they start to get dull without throwing out the whole razor.

The System is the highest quality razor available by BIC and can be purchased with BIC coupons. They offer the BIC Advance. The Advance is the only razor offered that is made to stay and Razor Coupons offers incredible savings. It is designed to be your long time razor that only requires the blades to be changed when needed.

BIC is a worldwide leader in razors and also specializes in women. The women's line includes the same three categories that are mentioned above but they are tailored to a women's skin rather than a man's beard.

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