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Braun CruzerThinking back at your childhood, you probably spent a lot of time in the bathroom watching your father shave. With his disposable razor, he had more precision than you could ever imagine or trust with your hands, rarely having nicks or cuts. Yet, all of that changes when your mother bought him his first electric razor, which soon became one of your father's most prized possessions. When it came time for you to get your own razor, it is not too surprising that you too got a Braun razor. Just like your father, you are more than likely to swear by the Braun name, and are preparing to get your son his first Braun razor.

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For those who had never heard of the Braun name, you probably have not looked around your house hard enough. Braun is one of the most well known household names, creating not only shaving and grooming supplies, but products in the areas of oral care, beauty care, health, and irons. Many people swear by the Braun name, claiming it is one of the most well known name brands today, guaranteed to last you for many years to come. So, now that it is time to get your son his first razor, what is the best starter razor for him to use without spending too much money? Just use our Braun Cruzer 3 coupons

When it comes to finding a great starter razor that will work for your child long after he is used to shaving, the best choice is obviously the Series 3.
  • Unlike many other razors on the market, it is designed for those who sensitive skin, giving a close shave without causing any uncomfortable nicks, scraps, or razor burn.
  • With the razors comfortable design, your teenager will be able to quickly shave without worrying about embarrassing himself or breaking his new razor due to its durable and efficient design.
  • Since many teenagers are also bad about cleaning many of their hygiene products, they can also take advantage of the Braun Series 3 Clean and Renew system, which daily cleans the razor, making it not only last longer, but avoid any infections that could come from improper cleaning.

If you are looking for a more basic razor for your child until you can afford something nicer, you may also want to consider purchasing the Braun Free Control. This simple razor is designed not only as a starter electric razor, but as an efficient travel razor that your son can use even after he becomes an experienced shaver. Like all of Braun's razors, you can depend on this razor to get the job done with very little hassle.

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