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Venus CouponsEven if you have the best Venus razor out there, you'll still have trouble shaving unless you follow some of these tips. For instance, if you fail to exfoliate, you can clog up your razor and end up with nicks everywhere.

Tips for Shaving with Venus Razors

Before your next shave, check out these tips for making your shaving experience better:

  • 1. Always, always, always shave wet skin. Heat and water soften up the skin, making your razor less likely to get clogged with dead skin cells (gross, right?). Plus, the razor glides better, even if you don't use a shaving cream.

  • 2. Exfoliate before every shave. In fact, exfoliate every day if at all possible. This can be as simple as using an exfoliating loofa with your favorite body wash, but you can also invest in actual exfoliating scrubs. Make your own with sugar and olive oil, which can be fun, as well. It's also a good idea to use an exfoliating lotion that can help your skin cycle through new skin cells more quickly.

  • 3. Lather up before you shave. You don't need any particular type of shaving cream for a close shave, but Shaving Cream Coupons can help you save on your favorite brands and scents. Sometimes the ones made for men are cheaper if you can find a scent that you like. If not, just use coupons to save on your favorite female-targeted brands. A shaving cream isn't always essential, but it does help you get a closer, smoother shave and reduces your risk for getting nicks.

  • 4. Change your razor frequently. Venus Coupons can make this a lot cheaper with the nice razors that have disposable heads. You may not have to replace your razor head as often as some people, as it will depend on how often you shave and how coarse your hair is. However, you do want to use these coupons to regularly dispose of and replace old cartridges, as a dull razor definitely leads to nicks.

  • 5. Moisturize after each shave. Your legs have relatively few oil glands, so they're already prone to dryness. Shaving can just exacerbate the problem. Lotion Coupons can help you save on your favorite post-shave lotions.

These shaving tips will help you keep your legs smooth every day. In fact, if you use the best razors and a good shaving cream, you may be able to get away with not shaving every single day, which is a big deal for some women! If you find yourself with a five-o-clock shadow on your legs, it's probably time to switch up your razor or shaving routine!

You can use Venus Coupons to save on different types of Venus razors. Check out different types so you can see which one you like best. Some have swiveling heads, different numbers of blades, or moisturizing strips. Check out different options to see which ones you like best. Then, use the coupons to save on your absolute favorite razor heads.

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